RIPNDIP 2021 AW "New Shit"


RIPNDIP 2021 AW "New Shit"




All Eyez Knit Sweater

  • dub you
  • Sickest kid on the block when you
  • Pull up with this one
  • No more hazing for this guy
  • I see you dog
  • I SEE you
  • I really SEE you dog!
  • I be seeing you
  • 100% Acrylic
  • Crewneck Knit Sweater
  • Knitted Sweater With All Over Print Eyez On Me Graphic







Far Far Away Hoodie

  • Kill me please
  • Just not softly
  • You know I like it rough
  • Like this hoodie
  • Rough and tough
  • Like my fathers love
  • 100% Cotton Hoodie
  • Screen Printed Far Far Away Graphic On Front, Back, And Sleeves






Virtual Nermality Long Sleeve

  • Leave that crappy shirt at home
  • And walk away with this
  • Cybertech
  • New age
  • Technological
  • Ram driving
  • Micro managing
  • USBeing
  • Fresh long sleeve
  • 100% Cotton Long Sleeve Tee
  • Screen Printed Virtual Nermality Graphic On Front, Back, And Sleeves





Nermboutins Tee

  • s this tee kinky?
  • I cant tell
  • I mean
  • It makes me feel some type of way
  • By the way
  • This Pizza Hut fool better hurry
  • 100% Cotton Tee
  • Screen Printed Nermboutins Graphic On Front And Back







Not Today Strapback

  • 100% easy to wear
  • 100% cord your roy
  • I wish my name was Roy
  • I would wear
  • All the cords and Roys
  • And be like yo peep
  • My cord a roys
  • Corduroy Adjustable 5 Panel Cap
  • Self Fabric Strapback Enclosure
  • Embroidered Graphic On Front And Back
  • Lord Nermal On Metal Clasp






Team Spirit Strapback

  • When in doubt
  • Just cop it out
  • When out of the cops
  • You gotta get more drops
  • But when we make more drops
  • You better be smart
  • And cop with the heart
  • Corduroy Adjustable 6 Panel Cap
  • Self Fabric Strapback Enclosure
  • Embroidered Graphic On Front And Back
  • Lord Nermal On Metal Clasp





Bubble Sherpa Bucket Hat

  • Call cam
  • Tell him im on
  • Like Camron
  • Fluffy Sherpa Bucket With Embroidered Ripndip Logo








Lord Nermal Beanie

・Damn that garlic bread is fire
・100% Cotton Lord Nermal Tie Dye Beanie
・Embroidered Lord Nermal Under Fold





Dragonerm Socks

  • I dont know how to put this
  • But we 
  • Make the
  • Best socks
  • Period
  • Made with love
  • Not made on drugs
  • Ok maybe some drugs
  • But maybe that's why they're sick
  • Dragonerm Jacquard Knit All Over Print Socks In Red




All Eyez Socks

  • o excited to sleep before the drop day
  • So what do I do
  • I sit in my jacuzzi till the sun comes up
  • And than I chug a 6 pack
  • Of odouls
  • And than I eat 3 bagels and lox
  • And than I hit erewhon and crop dust everyone
  • And than I go to work
  • Than I go surf
  • Than I do whatever I want
  • Cause y'all are sick
  • And always support us
  • All Eyez Jacquard Knit Sock In Black




Welcome To Heck Socks

  • Yup its flaming
  • Like flaming moes
  • OR better yet
  • Flaming joes?
  • Matter of fact
  • I love sloppy joes
  • Sue me
  • Welcome To Heck Jacquard Knit Sock In Electric Blue Flames
  • Embroidered Ripndip Logo




Lord Nermal Socks

・And bong
・You're hot baby
・Lord Nermal Jacquard Knit Sock In Green Grey Speckle






Lord Nermal Mini Skateboard

Comes With REAL HARD WOODEN Deck, FOAM Grip, MEAL Trucks, FAST AF Wheels, SK8 Tool, And Screws
Put It Together And RIPPPPP
then DIP











Coming Soon...



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